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Should I Hire a Plumber During COVID-19?

There’s a sense that all activity has come to a grinding halt in the world right now. For the most part that’s true, but as we know in the United States, essential businesses are still operational. Some folks are wondering if it’s smart to hire a plumber right now given the COVID-19 outbreak. The truth is that not only are commercial and residential plumbers permitted to continue serving the public, but they are strongly encouraged to do so. There’s a reason for that.

What does the government say?

The White House issued its Coronavirus Guidance for America last month. Those who work in a “critical infrastructure industry,” it says, “have a special responsibility” to keep up their work schedule for the good of the public health and survival. In this industry article on the White House’s mandate, Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine quotes the Department of Homeland Security’s list of professions most essential during the epidemic. 

“Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences,” it reads. That gets at the core of what

Following the guidance of the CDC, plumbers around the country are taking the necessary steps to slow the spread. It is absolutely reasonable to put in a service call to your local plumber for sump pump maintenance or to get that water heater properly installed! In fact, you really should. Untreated, these things can cause real issues in a household or business. Your plumber has a duty to support the public safety, and that includes you. Plain and simple. It’s the reason the United States government has opted to keep the industry operational no matter what. So go ahead and give your sewer service guy a call if you think something’s wrong.        

Yes, you can safely hire a plumber, but can the job be DIY? You might be surprised.

While water heater installations and ejector pump replacements may require a local plumbing professional, there are a number of small maintenance projects that homeowners can often do on their own. We’ve always made it a point to empower our own customers with DIY plumbing and home upkeep tips. These days those tips may come in extra handy! For a few DIY ideas as we head into the warmer months, head over to our blog post on 5 DIY Steps to Prep Your Home For Spring. And when it comes to those bigger jobs, just remember: waiting to hire a plumber is not necessary. Nor is it advisable in many cases. 

So what if I have an emergency plumbing problem?

Maintaining safe, sanitary, and smoothly running homes now is one of the key ways we can work together to get out from under the spread of COVID-19. For more information on hiring a plumber in the time of COVID-19, our own plumbing services, or the specific precautions that Plumbing One technicians are taking to ensure your health and safety, give us a call or shoot us a message. This season won’t last forever, but for as long as it does, we must keep our heads and follow the guidelines set down by healthcare professionals and world health experts. From our family to yours — stay safe, be smart, and don’t wait to give us a call if you’re experiencing any plumbing problems in your home. 

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