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Clogged Pipes in Central Ohio

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Clogged Drain


Outside Piping:

  • Damage to the piping system may not be allowing the system to drain properly.
  • Inappropriate materials (such as paper towels or wet wipes) might have been flushed down a drain.
  • Tree roots might have crowded the sewer pipe system and filled it with roots.

Sometimes clogged pipes will require special tools and experience. If a root system has compromised the sewer pipe, this may require re-piping or pipe repair. In either of these cases, calling a Plumbing One is a wise move because hiring a licensed plumber will ensure your pipes are fixed quickly and correctly.
Inside Piping:

  • With sinks, objects often fall down drains or poor line maintenance results in buildup of soap scum, cooking grease and even human hair.
  • With toilets, clogs often occur after users attempt to flush an overly full toilet, too much toilet paper or objects not meant to be disposed of via a toilet.
  • All these can cause more than just a clogged drain when left unattended, they can cause leaks.

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