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Hydro Jetting Services From Plumbing One Quickly Clears Clogged Sewer Lines

There are few business owners, homeowners, or renters who have never experienced a clogged sink or toilet sewer line. With sinks, objects often fall down drains or poor line maintenance results in buildup of tree roots, soap scum, cooking grease and even human hair. With toilets, clogs often occur after users attempt to flush an overly full toilet, too much toilet paper or objects not meant to be disposed of via a toilet.

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More Than an Inconvenience

Many people get upset because of the stench from backed up sewage water, but the water’s smell is only a mild issue. Sewage water backup in a sink or toilet can easily happen in any blockage scenario resulting in a huge mess and costly cleanup and/or repairs. Additionally, any exposure to microorganisms in sewage water can make homeowners and renters extremely sick.

Turn To A Professional

Some blockages aren’t easily cleared through DIY repair work with plunging, rodding or cabling techniques. Additionally, pipes running through walls and outdoors, including municipal lines, can be difficult or illegal to access. Professional plumbers have specialized CCTV equipment they can push through lines using probes to see blockages without tearing into walls or the ground. They also know which lines they can access and which ones they will have to get approval to access. Once a plumber finds a blockage, he has a wide variety of tools that make it possible for him to quickly resolve the issue.

Benefits Of Hydro Jetting

A hydro jetter is the modern plumber’s best friend. It’s designed with a nozzle connected to an extremely long hose and high pressure water pump. After carefully inserting the nozzle and hose into a backed up line upstream of the clog, an experienced plumber then uses the highly pressurized water to safely dislodge, or pulverize and then dislodge, the material blocking the line so the material moves all the way through and the water flows as expected. The water pressure can reach up to 4000 pounds per square inch and it’s usually enough to destroy even tree roots. In some situations, a plumber might start with rodding or cabling to loosen the material and then use hydro jetting to finish the job.

Plumbing One has over 30 years of experience with using hydro jetting technology to safely clear clogged lines. For more information, call Plumbing One today!

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