Hose Bibs

What is a hose bib?

A frost-free hose bib is a small, but important part of maintaining your property’s exterior value. It’s the faucet or spigot, often located in a garage or around back of the house, that lets you connect a yard hose and water your garden, wash your car, or hose off the kids before they come running through the family home muddy in the spring!

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When do I need my hose bib repaired?

If you suddenly can’t connect your garden hose to the water supply, it can cause problems in the home. Sometimes, a frost that sets in over the winter can warp the fitting. This is why it’s important to invest in a quality frost-free hose bib with a vacuum breaker and always take the proper steps to winterize your hose bib.


What should I do if my hose bib isn’t working?

Give us a call! We can repair your current system or set you up with a frost-free hose bib replacement. We also have backflow prevention services and will make sure your home is good to go for many springs and summers to come.

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