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Main Causes of Clog Issues

Main Causes of Clog Issues

Your plumbing system contributes to the overall function of your home. So when you encounter plumbing issues, they might disrupt your household’s activities. Among the most common issues that you can encounter with your plumbing are clogs. Fortunately, clogs can be addressed via professional drain cleaning in Canal Winchester, OH.

There’s another way to deal with clogging issues, and that is to be aware of what causes them in the first place. Plumbing One talks about these leading causes.

Tree Roots

The reason your pipes and drains are clogged might not be due to a faulty plumbing system, but due to the trees surrounding your property. To be more specific, the tree roots in search of water and fertilizer will grow and can ultimately get into your sewer line. This results in a severely clogged drain, which is why it’s important to avoid planting trees too close to your sewer system.

Improper Use of Toilet Bowl

Throwing trash in your toilets is a top culprit behind clogging issues. Any items other than waste and toilet paper should be thrown away instead of flushed. This includes even products that are called “flushable,” such as cleaning wipes, kitty litter, and facial tissues. If you do end up with a clogged toilet, your best bet would be to schedule a drain snaking service to help get rid of clogs of this nature.

Fat, Grease and Oil

Substances like fat, grease and oil were never meant to go down your kitchen sink’s drain. This is because these types of food residue will eventually harden and solidify in your pipes and cause a terrible clog. Fortunately, our drain cleaning services can effectively remove even the most stubborn clogs.

Hair Buildup

Over time, your sink, shower and tub drains can become clogged with a combination of hair and soap scum. A good way to avoid this issue is to install drain screens. If your drains can’t accommodate drain screens, you can always consult your preferred plumber for their recommendations.

Plumbing One the one drain cleaning company you can trust to expertly clear your clogged drains. Contact us today and let us help address your most pressing clogging concerns.

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