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How to Unclog a Shower Drain

Everyone can learn how to unclog a shower drain. It’s easy to accomplish by yourself and will save you money on plumbers. And who doesn’t love that? For those of us with longer hair, a clogged shower drain can become a pretty common problem, and learning how to get that water flowing again is the key to not showering while standing in a pool of dirty water!


When fixing a clogged shower drain, you really have three usual suspects. I mentioned hair as a culprit before because it’s the most likely cause of any clogged shower drain. Long, curly hair in particular can get tangled easily and when it goes down the drain, it may also trap soap and other dirt. This can create some truly nasty hairballs that get lodged in your shower drain trap. If you’ve ever had to clear a slow shower drain, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Find the #1 speedy method for how to unclog your shower drain below.


We don’t recommend it, and the plumbers over at Einstein Pros, sum up why nicely. Here’s a quick list of the big hitters:

  • Drano can cause damage that isn’t evident right away.
  • Drano can eat through anything it comes into contact with. This includes skin, PVC, and yes… the adhesives that hold your shower drain pipes together.
  • The chemicals in Drano are bad for plants and animals.

Using Drano may seem like a great solution for a slow shower drain, but it’s probably not worth the risk. When fixing a clogged shower drain, it’s best to steer clear. Especially since there’s an even easier option.


Before you go online and search “plumbers near me,” try this simple trick. Pick up one of the many Zip-It drain cleaning tools on the market for $5-10. This is probably the simplest plumbing tool there is. And it works absolute wonders. So what is a Zip-It? It’s a long piece of plastic with jagged barbs along either side of it. That’s all there is to it, and it’s even simpler to use.

This is probably the simplest plumbing tool there is. And it works absolute wonders.

How exactly can a Zip-It drain cleaning tool help you clear a clogged shower drain? Just insert your new gadget slowly down the drain with the barbed plastic edges pointing upward. When it’s down as far as it will go, slowly pull it back up. The sharp barbs will bring back clumps of dirt and hair, not dissimilar from the gifts you cat owners probably find from time to time.

You can also avoid having to use your Zip-it every time you shower by making an effort to catch hair and dirt before it goes down the drain. But if and when it does, you’ll be prepared. Cheap, reusable, and easy to store. This tool should always be your first step to fixing a clogged shower drain.


It’s a simple DIY plumbing job that homeowners can knock out in 5 minutes or so. A $10 purchase from your local hardware store should have you set for life. In the event that a Zip-It drain cleaning tool isn’t enough to clear your slow shower drain, give your local plumbers a call. Plumbing One is a trusted name among Columbus plumbers for a reason. Whether you have a slow shower drain that isn’t responding to a DIY fix or need any number of other plumbing services, we can help. Our plumbers get there fast, quote you fair and upfront, and NEVER tack on hidden fees.

Meet our friendly team and read our story, pick up some DIY plumbing tips, and always feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. 

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