Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning

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Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning

Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning

When you go to your local hardware store and see the options for drain cleaning in Columbus, OH, you might be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of choices. So much so that you might even want to buy one for your drain clog or sewer backup right away. However, those drain issues that look like they can easily be solved using drain cleaners can also easily turn into a bigger problem

Needless to say, you’re better off hiring a professional drain cleaning company like Plumbing One to do the job for you. Going the DIY route can have adverse effects, such as the ones we’ve listed below.

Toxic Chemicals

Store-bought drain cleaners usually contain harsh chemicals that can be toxic when inhaled. So when you use these products, you’re unintentionally exposing yourself to certain health risks. A good alternative would be to choose among the comprehensive range of drain cleaning services that Plumbing One offers.

Aggravating a Hidden Issue

A clogged drain is due to debris accumulated in the pipes that either got stuck accidentally or are hard to break down. But it could also be the result of a serious issue with the sewer or plumbing line that has magnified over time, and trying to fix it yourself can only exacerbate the issue. The pipe may burst, the connection may loosen or completely break off if they are not fixed immediately and by a professional plumber.

Damaging The Pipes

Most drain cleaners contain hydrochloric acid, which causes extreme corrosion in pipes. Additionally, highly acidic solutions can kill crucial bacteria responsible for decomposing waste and preventing clogs. A drain cleaning method ideal for stubborn clogs is drain snaking, but this has to be done by a professional to ensure quality and efficiency, as well as to greatly minimize further damage to your drains.

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