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Video Inspection

Clogged Sewers Inspection With Our State Of The Art Video System

Sewage and waste disposal is one of the most important components of every home. However, sometimes the disposal lines get backed up, which causes dirty water to back up into toilets and sinks. This can spread disease and nasty odors in your home.

When these issues occur in old homes, it can be a real problem. Older homes usually have pipes that are buried deep under the ground, and you don’t want to have your yard dug up to get to the clogs in the pipes. Luckily, you can count on Plumbing One to use video camera inspection to inspect the clogs that are located deep underground inside your sewer and drainage pipes. These blockages can be caused by collections of debris and solids, but they can also be caused by roots growing through the pipes.

Plumbing One will use our video camera inspection service to identify the precise location of the blockage in your pipes. This is done with the insertion of a specially designed camera into the sewer line. A flexible cable is used to maneuver the camera through the pipe until the blockage is located. We will carefully inspect the area of the blockage to determine what kind of technique will be necessary to remove it.

In many case, our expert technician can remove the blockage without digging up your yard at all. We have many powerful clog-busting methods that include simple rodding, power jetting and electrically drawn cables. In some cases, these may not be enough to remove the blockage. Also, older damaged pipes may need to be dug up or replaced.

In either case, the minimum amount of digging up of your yard will be needed when you rely on our Plumbing One video inspection service. Because we use this technology to precisely pinpoint the area of the blockage, we limit the amount of digging we need to do to access the trouble spot.

Sewer video inspection has earned a rightful reputation as the preferred method of handling drain and sewer clogs. When you have an issue with your drains or toilets backing up, you can count on Plumbing One to inspect and quickly remove the blockage with our video inspection service. Using this service, we can quickly identify and repair the problem. You can rely on this service to fix the problem right the first time, allowing you to get your plumbing back in perfect working order as quickly as possible.

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