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6 Touches For the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

The modern farmhouse look is one of the hottest home styles right now. According to Statista reporting, both “modern” and “farmhouse” were among the most beloved residential decor choices from 2018 to 2020. And while these are two distinct styles, the overlap is clear. So what makes a modern farmhouse kitchen what it is?

A farmhouse on a green pasture under an ocean blue sky in Australia.
Your rustic farmhouse kitchen awaits!

The Spruce includes reclaimed wood, wrought iron, and pine as building blocks of the modern farm aesthetic. This all seems accurate when we look at what has worked for folks in catalogs, online, and in person. These tend to grace tables and adorn hallways, it’s true. I wonder why my own mind so often goes straight to the big ticket items — giant farmhouse garage doors, cedar-wrapper porch posts, a beautiful barn turned into a pool house or second garage… These are nice, but there’s a lot a person can do to achieve this style without going to all that expense. So what areas can we look to for more subtle, farm style touches?

Well, many of these can be found in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at a few relatively inexpensive yet undeniably charming things you can do to make your modern farmhouse kitchen pop!


I’ll grant that this may just be me, but something about a tiny little shelf — perhaps it’s made of found wood and filled with jars or old photos — makes me happy. I’m not necessarily talking about all the primary shelves that hold dishes, cups, and bowls. It’s those extra, out-of-the-way, and almost artsy shelves that I find super appealing.

If space is at a premium, purchasing or making your own additional shelves can carry an added practical benefit too!


Never underestimate the power of a great rug. As we know, courtesy of The Big Lebowski, a rug can really tie a room together. And in the case a farmhouse kitchen, your rug may just be that simple touch that makes all the difference.

There are plenty of directions to go with your kitchen rugs. Typically, whatever you do, one wants a rug to serve as a charming accent to the more prominent features in the space. But don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it!


Similarly to rugs, you can obviously pick from a wide variety of options. To double down on the farm aesthetic, you might consider farm-themed towels, such as those with cows, roosters, or barns on them.

Your kitchen area is also an easy and traditional place to implement tastefully monogrammed towels if doing so in a home bathroom feels too “hotel-esque.”


The farm style kitchen sink, while not the most common type of sink, delivers on a distinct and quintessentially rustic look. Where undermount and self-rimming sinks attach to a surface, the farmhouse sink is often characterized by its wide basin and lack of mount. A farm sink sits directly on top of its surface (in the case below, you can see the entire basin on top of a walnut wood base).

Want to avoid contaminated drinking water, busted pipes, or low water pressure? Give us a ring for help with your installation.

A white and brown farm style kitchen sink


If you have a small to medium-size kitchen, a cart can come in especially handy. There are SO MANY cute options to choose from. You’ll find farm-style kitchen carts in many different sizes, designs, and with varying degrees of mobility. So whether you want yours to be an integral part of cooking duties or an out-of-the-way piece of eye candy, the options are there.

A rust orange-colored kitchen cart filled with a plant, potatoes, salt, and pepper.


Exposed brick may be a big hit in penthouses and city apartments, but it can may be jsut the finishing touch your rustic farmhouse kitchen needs too.

Now, the kitchen brick backsplash does push back against the rest of this list in one sense. Writer Ramona Sinha notes on a Kukun blog post that a brick backsplash is going to run you $12-20 per square foot all told. That’s not exactly cheap — not compared to the rest of our list here at least. But the article offers an alternative to the high price tag of real brick: brick veneer.

The writer of a DIY brick veneer backsplash tutorial claims to have installed 50 square feet of backsplash for $316 including the purchase of necessary supplies. While this route, of course, would require you to install the feature yourself, her project came out to less than $6.50/ sq. ft. and it looks downright AMAZING.


Reach out here or on Facebook to let us know what makes your farmhouse kitchen special.

Added bonus: If you’ve managed to pull off a farm-style outdoor kitchen, that’s impressive — we’d love to see it!

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