Customer Reviews

I called John up and told him that I was trying to save money and that a buddy of mine would install a flood overflow valve in basement instead of using John (Plumbing One). Big Mistake on my part!!!! Long story short my buddy dropped two flood valves into my drain and I called John and he told me that he would come down himself to take care of it. 1st off taking his time out to come down and take care of a problem that I caused was appreciated. John came down and fix all of my plumbing problems with the help of Paul which he called later on because he needed a certain tool that he didn’t have in hand. Bottom line John will have me as a client forever with his honesty and sincerely wanting to take care of his clients. John is passionate, very knowledgeable, personable, have pride in his work and works with integrity. He’s a rare find. I’ve gone through so many plumbing companies and not once have I stayed loyal. This is my 2nd time using Plumbing One and will be until I need plumbing service. I trust them and feel very confident with their work. I am telling everyone I know about John & my experience with what he did. Thank you so much John for taking your time to meet with me on after hours. I will be calling you guys soon for my sewage pipe service. I am going on Yelp, Google, four square, etc… post my positive feedback for Plumbing One. Business like this should be heard loud and clear…!

~Paul T. 2/25/2015

Plumbing one came out to help us. They were knowledgeable, quick, and didn’t break the bank. I highly recommend them for anyone’s plumbing needs.

~Cory S. 12/9/2014

John, one of the owners of Plumbing One, is fantastic.  He was extremely professional, compassionate, and responsive while fixing a long-standing issue in my multiple unit condo building.  He was able to clear build-up from a common line and was very respectful of my money while doing it – he didn’t recommend costly or unnecessary procedures and personally took care of the problem at my request.  I highly recommend his services.  It helps that is a personable and nice guy!

~Michelle C. 3/13/2014

I Just used these guys for the second time and they was great again you can’t beat there prices or there service thought I would do something nice for them since they have help me out.

~John M. 3/12/2013

My experience with Plumbing One has been wonderful! He was honest and did an excellent job. A few weeks later they came out and fixed my water heater again. This time it turned out to be my fault! They both were so kind and gave me some pointers and tips. I will definitely use them again. Thanks a million!!

~Katrina F.