Drain Specialists

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Our team of experts are available to solve all of your municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential drain and sewer problems, no matter how big or small. There is no drain problem that we can’t handle.

We even specialize in emergency services. We’re on-call 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to help you with drain problems in your commercial building so you can resume business as usual in a timely fashion.

Commercial & Residential Drain Services

Most drain problems in commercial settings are caused by accumulated food and grease. Furthermore, foreign debris like paper towels, mop fibers, feminine hygiene products and drinking straws can also clog drains, leading to blockages in toilets, floor drains, sinks and sewer lines.

We offer a complete range of drain services:
• Toilet and sink drains
• Floor and shower drains
• High-pressure drain cleaning
• Sewer drain cleaning
• Video camera drain inspections
• Replacement and repair of sewer drains
• Repair and cleaning of storm drains
• Lateral line and catch basin cleaning
• Repair and cleaning of lift stations
• Custom scheduled maintenance
• Products and automated systems for drain cleaning

Sewer Line and Drain Repairs

We do more than just drain cleaning. We also have the experience and specialized equipment required to repair and replace your drains and sewer lines. Our drain and sewer repair and replacement services will address a variety of issues, such as:
• Clogs
• Cracked, broken, collapsed or offset lines
• Pipe corrosion
• Joint leaks
• Bellied lines
• Tree roots
• Off-grade piping

Aside from offering traditional methods of replacement and repair for large projects, we also use cutting-edge technology to perform trenchless replacement of sewer lines. Our company can diagnose problems and suggest alternative remedies that suit both your budget and business operations.

Traditional Methods

Sewer drain repairs are usually done by making a trench to allow access to the damaged section. A backhoe is typically used for this purpose.

Trenchless Repair and Replacement

This method results in less property damage than traditional methods, since only small holes are required to access the damaged line.

Trenchless techniques include:
• Pipe Bursting: Our specialized machine uses the damaged pipe as a guide to pull a replacement pipe through the damaged one, breaking it up in the process.
• Relining: This creates a pipe within the existing one, enabling complete restoration of flow. We use an epoxy material to coat the inside of the old pipe, which produces a smooth, strong interior wall.
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