Snaking vs Jetting

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Unclogging sewer drains can be a time-consuming, messy job. In order to do the job properly and efficiently, it’s important to contact a knowledgeable and experienced Plumbing Company to perform an efficient job. In most cases, a mechanical drain cleaner will work, however there are times when a professional will have to use jetting equipment. Hiring someone who knows which to perform to get your drains moving again and will save you not only time but money! That’s why you need to call the professionals at Plumbing One for a free estimate.

Mechanical Drain Cleaner or Snake

Unclogging a drain takes a bit of time using the mechanical drain cleaner. This is because the cleaner works by forcefully twisting a cable into the drain to dislodge the clog. The drain cleaner is powered by an electric motor. It does take a little bit of skill, some experience and special attachments in order to deal with some situations. In addition, the drain cleaner itself can be very heavy and bulky to use properly and cleaning the machine after use is also time consuming. However, the mechanical drain cleaner is a particularly good choice for use in difficult cases where tree roots are clogging the drain or where a foreign object is lodged in the sewer drain.


There are times where a mechanical drain cleaner just won’t be enough. By using our professional equipment to Jett your clog, your plumbing clog will be cleared in no time. A power washer with a special attachment is able to penetrate clogs very rapidly and dislodge the clogs using the pressure from the water emitted from the power washer. This type of machine is also easier to use because the attachment and hose are lightweight and easy to manipulate. The power washer machine is stationary throughout the entire process. It is also easier to clean the sewer jetter attachment after unclogging the sewer drain. This is a very important point to consider. This machine can be used for clogs that are in the house as well as clogs located outside of the house.

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