Drain Cleaning

Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning Contractor in Canal Winchester, Pickerington, Groveport, Reynoldsburg, columbus, Pataskala and Lancater Ohio

Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning: Why Make Plumbing One Your First Phone Call!

The people at PLUMBING ONE constitute a knowledgeable staff that provides dedicated service. That’s because they have specific expertise when it comes to sewer and drain problems and can offer helpful advice on keeping drains running smoothly. Also, tips on what maintenance products to purchase are freely offered.

The depth of our knowledge on the subject of sewer and drain problems is a testament to our commitment. For example:

*The family laundry room, garage or basement are some of the areas that have floor drains that are equipped with a trap, which helps eliminate odors and the escape of sewer gas. When these are clogged, we prevent water from being removed from the specific area, which can lead to flooding, but PLUMBING ONE has the equipment to make sure that doesn’t happen.

*The everyday grooming that everyone performs means that soap, dirt, toothpaste and hair at some point causes clogging issues with bathroom sinks. It’s a common problem our PLUMBING ONE staff faces, so we have the experience to quickly eliminate the problem so that those sinks drain with no problem.

*When it comes to showers and tub drains, the drainpipe and trap are key areas affected, since soap deposits and hair tend to cause clogging problems. PLUMBING ONE uses a drain cleaning machine to eliminate any debris in those areas.

*Toilets get clogged from an excess of toilet paper or stray items that are flushed. However, PLUMBING ONE’s specialized equipment can chop up the obstruction, allowing each flush to flow unencumbered.

*In the kitchen, the sink sees its share of grease, fats, detergents and soaps, where deposits on the inside portion of pipes build up over time. PLUMBING ONE’s sink machine helps push the debris out and eliminate the clog.

Plumbing and drain problems occur all the time. Having the professionals at PLUMBING ONE available to handle those issues is a reassuring safety blanket their customers readily endorse and make them the people to call.